From the Desk of the Superintendent of Schools

Andy IrvinAs it is with people across our country, our thoughts and prayers are with those directly impacted by the tragic events in Parkland, Florida yesterday. I am conflicted as I process this horrendous act of violence as I do not want people to become paralyzed with fear. On the other hand, I fear that some have become numb to these tragedies due to the frequency with which they happen.

Traumatic events such as those in Florida yesterday, can cause strong emotional reactions in all of us. If you or your child wishes to speak with someone at their school, please reach out to the appropriate building administrator, guidance counselor or clinician and we will make the arrangements as quickly as possible.

In the Carmel Central School District, student safety is a top priority. We work hand in hand with our local law enforcement agencies through the School Resource Officer program at GFMS and CHS and with the Kent Police Department and Putnam County Sheriff for monitoring of our three elementary schools. Each of our buildings have designated points of entry, staffed with a monitor and secured entrances.

We will continue to be vigilant and continuously review our safety and security procedures to ensure the safety of all those in the Carmel Central School District.

Andy Irvin

Superintendent of Schools